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Using the latest in health care technology and medical research to deliver expert, convenient care for you and your child.

Effectively treat general medical needs of School Children

  • Prevent the spread of infectious viruses
  • Manage mental health
  • Help overburdened school nurses
  • Give parents peace of mind
  • Provide affordable healthcare


Asthma,  Allergies, Cough, Cold, Flu, Earaches, Fever, Head lice, Headaches, Pink eye, Rashes, Skin , Irritations, Sore throat , Mental health


If a child is at school and becomes ill, getting them diagnosed and treated quickly is a priority. However, it can be difficult for a parent to quickly schedule a pediatrician’s appointment, pick up the child from school, and take them to a doctor.

When a child has enrolled in school-based tele-health,

  1. The school nurse will determine if a Children’s Health provider is needed to diagnose the child based on specific guidelines
  2. The parent will be contacted with appointment information and invited to participate by phone.
  3. An appointment will be set up with the Children’s Health provider.
  4. The school nurse will connect the child with the Children’s Health provider using video technology.
  5. The school nurse and Children’s Health provider will conduct an exam.
  6. If necessary, the Children’s Health provider will call in a prescription to the pharmacy.
  7. Children’s Health will send an after-visit summary to the parent and the child’s primary care pediatrician to continue treatment, as necessary.


Yes. Struggling with a mental illness or emotional issues can be devastating and overwhelming for those at any age. Pre-teens and high school students are especially affected by emotional issues due to hormones, societal pressures, and now the psychological fallout from COVID-19.

School-Based Mental Health is a partnership between a school and a behavioral health provider to offer mental health counseling by a licensed professional counselor. A tele-health counselor and student meet through a video and audio connection. Counseling sessions are more readily available— avoiding long wait times for initial appointments, students miss fewer hours from school, and securing services is easier for parents.


State-of-the- art technology allows these high-quality social workers, school counselors, school psychologists, and therapists to deliver pivotal therapy sessions to K-12 students who otherwise wouldn’t have access.

By blending their skills and experience, these therapists are able to provide critical assistance to children struggling with social and emotional issues affecting them within the school environment. Research has shown that tele-health (or mental health tele-therapy) appears to be a promising service  for many treatments, including anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

The technology is simple, affordable, reliable, and extremely engaging. Today’s children are comfortable with computers and enjoy online interactions. For some, being on the other side of a screen enhances their comfort with the clinician, a key to a productive session. Increased engagement means that the kids progress more rapidly, resulting in happy children, happy parents, and happy school administrators.

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