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It is a great time to be a coach/Consultant. “According to market research, the coaching industry estimated market size is $15 billion in 2019, with a total of $7.5 billion worth of market value in the US alone and expected to reach $20 billion by 2022. Yet, it is estimated that 81% of coaches or consultants fail because of the challenges associated with customer acquisition and the high costs associated with running coaching/consulting business operations.
Eliminate the worries and expenses associated with a business website or paying digital marketers/experts that work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—no need for expensive subscription software.


Benefits to join our freelance marketplace platform:

  • We are currently the ONLY freelance marketplace platform built from the bottom up to understand the pains and hassles that coaches and professional service providers face to scale their business.
  • We are currently the ONLY marketplace that offers you consulting or coaching technology tools without charging you upfront fees, and these technology tools are:
  1. video conferencing with similar quality as “zoom platform [see the site]
  2. Instant Messaging tool similar to WhatsApp [visit the site]
  3. We offer an online scheduler that helps ensure organization and productivity, thus mitigating the stress associated with schedule conflicts. This automatic scheduler tool manages appointment reminders that prevent customer no-shows.  [see the site]
  4. We provide you Mobile Apps for both iPhone and Android that allow you flexibility, offering you secure ways to communicate with your customers virtually anywhere and anytime. [Apple Store: Care EQM Expert Android Play Store: Care EQM Expert]
  5. E-Course authoring platform to sell your course and provide training remotely without the hassle of subscriptions. [
  6. E-Commerce to sell your digital content or a book you just published.
  • As our Service Provider at our marketplace, we will provide you an opportunity for additional

Income. Let us advertise and market you to a targeted audience, working as your sales and marketing team for a commission ONCE we get you the customer. And if we fail to bring you a customer, you owe us NOTHING. By joining our Freelance Marketplace platform, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

  • Why not outsource the hassle of technology costs to us, thus eliminating the worries and expenses associated with a business website, paying digital marketers/experts that work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your marketing/advertising, and other costs of running a business.
  • We help you collect payment through the stripe payment platform that handles all credit processing, thus saving you the hassle of paying merchant account. We simply take care of it for you through our platform and digitally forward your money to your account through Zell Application or any other form you prefer to get paid. Every process is transparent because we are a freelance marketplace.