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Need someone to talk to? Want expert advice regarding your health? Interested in a coach that will help you in your personal growth, i.e. conflict resolution, stress management or career pathways, and more? Tired of limited options and expensive therapy? Care EQM’s platform assists you with all of this and so much more, and it is all virtual.


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Consult a specialist to treat your body and chronic conditions.


Access therapy for mental and behavioral health.

Virtual Coach

Receive guidance to fulfill your purpose and achieve your goals.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Services - intended to promote equity and excellence among children, young people, and adults.


A holistic approach to health care that generates healthier lifestyles, happier employees, and a thriving business.

General Public

Tele-Health for Individuals, Individual Wellness Program for Diabetes & Individual Virtual Coaching

Many experts consider exercise to be the closest thing to a miracle drug. As a form of cardio exercise that’s easily accessible, running is one of the most straightforward ways to get the important benefits of exercise. Running regularly at a moderate or vigorous level can improve your mental health.

Research suggests that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and more creative. We make sound decisions, build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively. TAKE POPULAR SELF-ASSESSMENT TEST TO DISCOVER YOUR NATURAL STRENGTH AND YOUR BLIND SPOTS.

Download our App on your phone connect with Vet professionals through video chat and other features. Customers chat with vets using the App’s chat request feature and they can send pictures and videos of their pets to help their vet provide a diagnosis.

Personal development is important to your success.

“Growth mindset Vs Fixed Mindset” LEARN FROM EXPERTS IN THEIR FIELDS. Take a course online or offer a course is you are an expert.


Find the best tools and take control of your healthy matters